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 Darkness Rises -Pokémon Role Play- -[OPEN]-

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Darkness Rises -Pokémon Role Play- -[OPEN]- Empty
PostSubject: Darkness Rises -Pokémon Role Play- -[OPEN]-   Darkness Rises -Pokémon Role Play- -[OPEN]- EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 1:21 pm

When darkness rises, and evil falls upon the lands.
Constant struggle and hardship will strike the land.
Many will try to stop it, but only to fail along the way.
Drama, tragedies, and danger are among this journey.
Will you walk the path less traveled?

Welcome to the Yewllet region! Here, there is mystery and adventure. Life here could be a great choice, or a constant struggle. There are many wonders out there, will you seek them out?

There is an evil rising. Trying to take over the Yewllet region. Will you could help stop them, or stay in the darkness?

The Yewllet region is a very mountainous region with one large lush valley in the center. The ice caps of the surrounding mountains make the valley extremely cold in the winter, yet a perfect temperature in the summer. Due to these ice caps, the spring time brings floods through the rivers that separate the valleys into five cities.

These five cities hold a powerful source of energy that powers each other, though over time, only three cities have electricity won from a war between the powerful cities. The citiy to the north, Allakima, join with the city of the west, Fetima, and the city of the south valley, Nanima. As the other two cities, Hitemu and Jenéma, fought together, but lost their power.

Beyond the mountains are miles of desert. Too hot and/or dry for most Pokémon to travel through.


TRPW rules apply.
Use official Pokémon.
Be fair about move sets, levels, shinies, and power.
You can have a legendary Pokémon, but only one for each.
Ask for permission before fainting/killing someone's character.
No abnormal Pokemon colors. Shinies are fine, but not too many.
No power-playing or god-modding. Pokémon can faint/die in this rp
Please don't cuss. Staring out or abbreviating the word isn't allowed either.
Please pm me if I missed a rule that I should add.

Joining Form


[b]City:[/b] (if he/she/it isn't from a city, put "none" here)
[b]Position:[/b] (put "none" here if he/she/it isn't from a city. Postitions can be seen in the City Alliance under Alliance.)
[b]Move Set:[/b]
[b]Held Item(s):[/b]
[b]History/Family:[/b] (Optional)


Adoption Center

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Darkness Rises -Pokémon Role Play- -[OPEN]-
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