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 Dragons: Chapter 1

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Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Roy. Around here they call me a lot of names. While other kids are called stupid things like Razorback or Incinerator, I got the cool name. Everybody likes to call me-"RUNT, get in here!" Yeah...that. Runt's a pretty cool nickname, right? Oh, I should tell you some things about my hometown. It's a fairly sized town but year round there's nothing but hundred degree temperatures. It isn't so much the climate as...the Dragons. Welcome to Blundarr, a neat little town on the outskirts of the Lucitanian Capitol City, Grabad, AKA Home of the World Dragon Cup.


Part 1: The Avianites

The Dragon Cup begins at the end of the year. You better get busy...wait...what's that blocking out the sun? Holy...Wild Sky Dragons! Hit the deck!

Lucitania The massive Nation where the flying reptiles dwell, Lucitanians have since taken a liking to befriending infant Dragons and raising them up to their fullest potential then having them battle one another in the Annual Dragon Cup to win the title of Supreme Dragon Master. But in the past five years, strange events have postponed the Dragon Cup such as the attack of the Sky Dragons, AKA Avianites and the Charring of the Great Valley by the Fire Dragons, AKA Infernites.

Dragons Carnivorous reptiles hatched from eggs. Upon hatching, they're no larger than an average sized puppy. Wild dragons are dangerous, ferocious beasts which tend to eat...people. They're territorial and attack anything on their land. Tamed dragons are just as the name suggests, tame. But unlike regular animals, they're capable of understanding human speech...not speaking it, though...scorched vocal cords, one way jaws, and all that.

Avianites Dragons with highly developed wings, hollow bones, and light framing, allowing them to fly higher and faster than any fire or earth dragon ever could. They tend to be majority yellow with black spots or stripes occasionaly.

Pyronites Dragons with a second layer in their stomachs, allowing the acids to really boil and produce a gas that makes their flames burn five times as hot. They are usually red but occasionally have orange or black on them in different patterns.

Hydronites Dragons with gills AND lungs, as well as fins, allowing them to swim at speeds well over 100 miles an hour, and breathe underwater. The only hiccup is that, unlike the other three species of dragon, they don't have wings so there's no flying for them. They also can't breathe fire because they don't have the same acids in their stomachs to ignite. But they do inhale large amounts of water and store it then they can exhale it at high pressures and the acids can be added to the water to make it as hot as any blaze.

Geonites Dragons that can be broken down into two types. There the big dragons, we call 'em Sand Dragons. They're massive guys with huge wings and a lot of bulk. They're strong but they're slow fliers. Then you have the little ones. They stand up on two legs after fully maturing. They have wings under their arms but they can't fly with them. Instead they use them to glide through forests and the like. They're fast little buggers.

About Qualifying To qualify, just beat on the guys above you in the Dragon Cup Rankings. Only the Top 40 make it. 120 participate in the Qualifying. You have an entire year to Qualify...goody for you.

Don't you think it's about time you went and got yourself a dragon?


Name (Doesn't Have to be exotic):
Friendly Rival or Jerk Rival:
Appearence (You can use a picture if you want):
Background (You have a reputation around town?  Your parents big-shots?  Anything):
Other (About You):
Your Dragon's Name:
Dragon's Type (Avianite, Pyronite, Hydronite, Geonite A or B):
Dragon's Personality:
Dragon's Description (Appearence, Infant):
Dragon's Description (Appearence, Matured):
Other (About your Dragon):[/color]

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Dragons: Chapter 1
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