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Our Graphic Review Yourfo10
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    Upon first visiting your forum, I am glad to find you have not used the intrusive pop-up which I see on so many other sites. However, to be able to fully utilize the forum to its greatest extent, you need to be able to allow yourself to go into the depths of the admin panel. For instance, the forum title is listed with 'free forum' as the suffix. You need to go into the search engines area and erase the 'free forum' from both the site title and description.

    As for the images on the forum itself, they're not very coherent. Using your background as the first example, my screen appears to show the background repeating, which means that on the right-hand side of the forum, the background ends and begins again. I would recommend trying to fix this by introducing a repeating background (tick the 'tiled' option when you implement this too) of size 100*100 so that it also loads quickly.

    As for the forum banner, there is a lot of black space. Try cropping the whole banner to the base of the 'wish' text so that you can eliminate this black space and use the text on the banner as your main focal point. In addition to helping the forum load faster, it will deter new members less as they will not have to scroll down the forum so much to reach their favorite boards.

    In regards to the categories and forums, it generally looks fine, though a bit uninspiring. I know myself as a runner of a roleplay forum, that the whole thing works mainly on text, but I find that pictures help to inspire the players as to what to write. For this reason, I suggest introducing small images to each forum (200*50) about the specific fandom or genre. This will also help new members in finding their favourite forums so that they feel more inclined to sign up.

    I've seen the 'who is online' image before. Try and get a unique one of the same size. Just below the online image though, is a nice and unique affiliates section. However, it doesn't seem to be as wide as the forum, which looks odd. Try to fix this as soon as possible to give your forum more coherency. While you're at it, same for the navigation bar. It does fit the forum, but I've seen it elsewhere. If this site is pbpbb2, it may also be worth checking the templates to see if you can put a <br><br> (html break) between the navigation bar and the forum itself so it isn't so cramped.

    Happy roleplaying!

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Our Graphic Review
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